[Backstory Fic] Ron & Pansy
yes damnit i love a weasley
Who: Ron & Pansy
When: Christmas, 1999
What: a few firsts
Note: I've had this percolating in my mind a few days, that I wanted to write Ron & Pansy's first Christmas in the States. And I knew it wasn't cute, or adorable, and I knew Emilia was spoiled rotten by Pansy. But I didn't know, at the time, that it was the day that started the pattern set by Pansy for their rocky road over the next five years until they finally were properly together. It all came together tonight, about oh, 40 minutes ago, when I started writing it... please forgive any typos, I literally just finished it.

It's a gift. You don't need to be so bloody formal.Collapse )

Who has lots of free time?
JRM: :-P
So, I've had the time, so I high-scanned the last 5 ponies I have drawn out and colored them. So here are five more ponies to go with the four I posted earlier.

The Ponies go marching one by one.Collapse )

Because I was crazy productive over the holiday.
JRM: the Lestrange madness
People are probably sick of seeing this ponies by now, but I got super-productive and fully colored the high-quality scanned ponies I had (which was 4 out of the 7 or 8 I had). So, here we have four fully colored ponies! Which are starting to look a bit like a rainbow...

To the poniesCollapse )

default, quia faciendum est
Can the gizmo from Men in Black be far behind?

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totally two thumbs up
Okay, having seen this picture, Lucy votes for Noel to go fuzzy. Because WOW. Just um... mmmmm.

Daniel/Audrey Card Call
The Daniel/Audrey card call from September 22 is finally done! It can be found here.

How things roll in Bulgaria
default, quia faciendum est
Interesting NYTimes story about political corruption in Bulgaria. I wonder what things are like outside Durmstrang in 2028... and I wonder if they're so bad that a gang of wizards couldn't just up and take over the country?

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Rowan & Lucy at Durmstrang has finished up here

JRM: forgive me father
Who: Viktor Krum and Rigel Lestrange
When: Winter 2007/2008
Where: Durmstrang, middle of frozen wasteland, Russia
What: Rigel is bored and takes it out on an unsuspecting muggleborn. Viktor shows him the error of his ways.
Status: Complete

They are babies, Rigel, how could a baby steal magic?

March 2028: Viktor & Kel - First Flight
field of flowers
Who: Viktor Krum and Kelpie Burns
When: March 2028, one of the first few days of her visit to Durmstrang
Where: Durmstrang, middle of frozen wasteland, Russia
What: Viktor takes Kelpie up on a broom for the first time, which leads to another first between the two of them.
Rating: NC-17 for smut about halfway in
Status: Complete

You will be flying soon, I can feel it.


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